Costs of fibroid treatment, despite shorter average lengths of stay, are rising. lilly viagra sales S. Will i have trouble getting pregnant if i have fibroids? In some cases, fibroids are severe enough to prevent a woman from becoming pregnant (infertility). Google 2010 pagerank: #2 among top health news and media publications google 2010 pagerank: #2 among top science publications in biology/physiology google 2010 pagerank: #2 among top news and media for the business of pharmaceuticals amazon's alexa 2010 pagerank: #2 news and media site for the pharmaceutical industry home | about | medical topics | products | contact | privacy policy. Doi:10. Franks , a. Footnotes source of support: nil conflict of interest: none declared. This lets your caregiver see your cervix (bottom part of your uterus). Doi:10.