This material includesbut is not limited tothe designlayoutlookappearance and graphics Stereotactic body radiation therapy stereotactic body radiation therapy sbrt is an exciting new technique for treating small cancers in the lungs, liver and spine N 198759:435-443 This suggests that tonsillar imts may be benign and have a good outcome The histopathological differential diagnosis includes: 1 malignant histiocytofibroma where tumoral cells are pleomorphic with atypical nucleifrequent mitoses 2 inflammatory fibrosarcoma where nuclear atypia is pronounced some authors suggest that aggressive imt with cytogenetic alterations are in fact inflammatory fibrosarcomas 3 extramedullary plasmocytoma is a neoplastic proliferation of pleomorphic plasmocytes with numerous mitosesa thin stroma and a monoclonal expression of immunoglobulin light chains Am / surg pathol J surg oncol On the other handthe differentiation between imts and leiomyosarcoma is more difficultbecause imts may be composed of eosinophilic spindle cells arranged in interlacing fascicles This suggests that tonsillar imts may be benign and have a good outcome Info sources: alexa internetinccompeteincgoogle trends users come from these countries translate this page powered by microsoftreg translator scls First 3 results: anaplastic lymphoma kinase-directed therapy in inflammatory myofibroblastic tumors