Black Friday Sales that start on Thursday ..aka Black Friday Gone Bad

We have all recently seen the way Extreme Couponing has changed some stores coupon policies some for the good and some for the bad. I am welcome to the changes as far as coupons are concerned, good or bad I can roll with the coupon punches and come out unscathed. Start messing with MY Black Friday Holiday and .. Houston we have a problem!

Back in the good old days stores would open at their normal opening times, then it went to 7:00 a.m., then 5:00 a.m., last year a few opened even earlier. A little extreme yes, but tolerable if you know what you are doing. Now all the BF newbies will be happy to give things a try at 10:00 p.m. where if things started at 5:00 a.m. they would all still be tucked in their beds out of my way where they belong.

Everything has worked out well but then this year stores have gone and changed things and are now opening as early as 10:00 pm on Thanksgiving night. What were they thinking?

Thanksgiving night is not Black Friday!  Thanksgiving night is known in my house as Black Friday Eve. It’s the night the Black Friday Fairy comes and fills the stores with Black Friday specials.

On Black Friday Eve I am too excited to sleep, I lay awake envisioning all the deals to come, my car stuffed to the brim, grabbing the last HOT toy before someone’s grandma has the chance to get her paws on it (Oh yes ,all etiquette is off on Black Friday so you better back off Grandma!) I lie  dreaming of the old  Macy’s $10.00 off $10.00 coupons being in the Boston Herald like they were in the good old days. I wonder will this be the year that they will bring them back. Then I feel sad and think to myself why is it that some of my friends say that the Black Friday Fairy isn’t really real. Then I laugh to myself and think that’s why they pay full price and are drowning in credit card debt. Fools!  They should have just believed!

But now I am sad to say Walmart has gone and ruined it. Opening the night before BF changes everything. Walmart is ruining a life long tradition. What’s next are they going to tell Santa to load up and drop toys off the afternoon before Christmas?

They apparently don’t see the big picture nor understand that doing this is actually putting people’s lives at risk. You have heard stories about people getting hurt even killed on Black Friday at Walmart and that happens with sober people. What do they think is going to happen with people who are still liquored up at 10:00 pm… not a pretty thought is it? Mix in diehard BF’ers with stressed out Thanksgiving day misfits and all hell will break loose. Start pushing a drunk that has spent the day being out done by his great Aunt Gertrude and see where that gets you.

This is a BF nightmare waiting to happen. I for one do not condone the new BF on turkey day. I will protest by not going out Thanksgiving night. I will stay home on Black Friday Eve preparing for the Black Friday Fairy. You will not see me out in the crowds that night absolutely no way never ever…..Well, unless of course they throw me some great coupons like Walmart 10.00 off 10.00’s ooh or a Target one!! That of course would change everything in that case give me a swig from your flask granny game on!!

After all I am getting too old to believe in Fairy’s!


  1. sassydaley says

    I so agree!! Great post!! This is my one day per year so I for one am not shopping at walmart this BF.

  2. Lolly says

    Great post. Hubby was just saying how upset he was about stores opening at midnight; now it’s 10 PM. We feel really bad for all store employees that don’t get to have a holiday. And a lot of people travel far for Thanksgiving and now they cannot, to be at work that night. All the extra traffic getting home Thanksgiving night is one thing; now we will have the shoppers out possibly with extreme road jams. Everyone’s tired and now more dangerous to be on the roads. IDK what these corporate stores are thinking in this economy that will make a few hours that much more profitable. Sad.

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