DIY Ninjago Pinata $1.00


Today is my babies 6th Birthday and we are having a Ninjago themed birthday party.

Obviously I am not about to spend $24.99 on a pinata that will be destroyed in 5 minutes so I decided t make my own for only $1.00.

Here is how I did it;


I used an old recycled Flat Rate Box and drew the shape of a Ninjago head on it



I purchased a package of black and yellow tissue paper at Special Thoughts in Danvers for .50 each.

Cut the tissue paper in about 3″ strips then fringe them. Starting at the bottom and working up I glued the fringed strips onto the box.

I used the yellow tissue paper for the Black Ninjagos skin then cut eyebrows and eyeballs from the tissue paper and glued them on top.

Then cut little white squares of paper to go inside the black eyes.

I poked holes in the top of the box to run a rope though. I glued a sheet of black tissue paper on the back and side of the box to give it a finished look.

Fill the box with toys and candy and your ready for a Ninjago Birthday Party!

I am not sure how long it will take to break the box open with a stick so we have decided to let the kids do their best Ninja moves to break the box open. I will let you know how that goes tomorrow!


Not bad for a buck!

I think I did pretty good! What do you think?


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