Dropping your home phone but keep the number

Did you know you can drop your home phone carrier and keep your home land line number?

You probably heard of  the term “porting”.  Porting is when you switch cell phone carriers and transfer the cell  phone number from the old cell phone  to the new cell phone.

But, did you know that you can actually port your land line home number to your cell phone? Guess what, You can!

Virgin Mobile  as well as many others allows you to port your home land line number to your new cell phone. The process is  a little more timely and a bit more complicated than porting a cell phone. The process takes about 2 –6 weeks. You will need to keep your land line activated until the change  is done.  Once it is done and ported all your home phone calls will go to your new cell phone.

The benefits of porting a number vs. getting a new number are that you don’t have to notify friends, family, school, doctors etc.

You can easily cut he cord and just get a new number or use your existing cell phone as well. The choice is yours.

But it’s always good to know your options and save money when you can.

So ask yourself, how often do you use your home phone number? Is it worth keeping?

Does the majority of your family carry a cell phone? If the answer is yes than you may want to cut the cord with the phone company. Why pay for a service that you barely use , especially of you have a cell phone plan with unlimited minutes.

Still want a house phone with a cord but don’t want to pay for it?

Sign up for Google Voice

Google voice is currently free. With Google voice you can make phone calls thru yor computer 100% free. So how can you make these free calls ring on your house phone?

Stay tuned for my review of the Obi100





Let’s face it times have changed and technology has surpassed anything we ever imagined. Remember watching the Jetson’s as a child where they had phones that you could see who you were talking to , well that’s all a reality now isn’t it.



**Warning**  Be prepared that some of  cell phone company reps  may be in the dark about porting a land line as it’s not as popular as cell phone to cell phone porting. Be prepared to skip past some of the techs and just ask to be transferred to poring department.  Remember to tell them you heard it on How to Shop for Free!



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