Free $10.00 Target Gift Card


Sign up for Ebates and get a free $10.00 gift card for Target or Home Depot. If you aren’t familiar with Ebates  it is a great way to earn FREE money for shopping online.  Ebates pays you for all your online purchases. It like a rebate for online shopping, They mail you an actual check you can cash at the bank.

*Hint* Lots of stores offer free ship to store options. If you are planning to make a purchase at Walmart or a store that offers free ship to store you are better off doing that than going straight  in and buying the item. Yes it will take a little bit for the ship to store but you can get a better deal in the long end if you aren’t in a huge rush.

For example;


I have been eyeing this 5 piece Better Homes and Garden patio set that I saw at the Walmart  in Danvers , MA  for $298.00. If I picked it up without thinking it thru I would have paid $298.00 plus tax 18.62 = $316.62. That really isn’t a bad price for a 5 piece set with excellent reviews. But, it’s not free and it’s not in my DNA to buy something without some sort of coupon or discount. So lets look at how to make this a better deal.

Walmart offers free ship to store. If I use ship to store I can pick it up in Seabrook to avoid sales tax of $18.62. Purchasing online with the ship to store option allows me to use Ebates because I am making the purchase online even though I am actually picking it up at the store.   If I go thru Ebates  I will earn 3.5% cash back.

 Ebates 3.5% will gives me $10.43 in cash back

Joining Ebates will give me a $10.00 gift card

Using Seabrook vs. shopping at Danvers saves me 18.62 in tax

That is a savings of $39.05

That’s a much better deal! Plus if I charge it on my credit card that earns me rewards it makes the deal even sweeter.

If Walmart lowers the price between now and the day I pick it up they will refund me the difference.

Now the question is ..should I do it? Or do I hold out for a better clearance deal at Sears or Lowes?

Decisions decisions. What would you do?

I think I am going to go for it!

Click Here to join Ebates yourself and start earning cash back for all your online purchases.

Click Here to get a credit card that earns you rewards

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