1. TofuForBrains says

    Not to be the skeptic here, but is this legit? They seem to have misspelled their own name (“Citrus Contry”?) and a few other things on the offer page. I am very skeptical of FB apps that want data.

  2. keepsmilen says

    I’m sorry to break bad news. After I followed this link and signed up, I decided to look into it a little more before referring it to others. I followed the link from info page to what is suppose to be their website at However, it gives you a message saying the company name has changed, but it is still the same great products as it takes you to Hale Groves website.

    I called their #800 and asked about the Facebook promotion. She said they aren’t even shipping any oranges at this time. She is reporting it to her supervisor & hope to get the website shut down.

    Still following you for all those other great deals!


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