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Stop & Shop has Goya Fiesta Baked Beans for $0.88

Use the .50/1 q and it will double to $1.00 making them free plus overage

*Coupon states DND but it starts with a 5

If you didn’t get the coupon thereĀ  are still some available on ebay HERE

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5 Responses to “FREE Goya Baked Beans at Stop & Shop”

  1. witherbycoupons says:

    Do you know which insert the Goya coupon was in? I’m not seeing it in the database… Thanks!

  2. Rboise101 says:

    The coupon is located in the 6/24 RP insert. The one with the snausages coupon on the front.

  3. Rboise101 says:

    Also what a great item to donate or stock up your pantry with. Regular ole baked beans get so boring. You’ll have to use the self checkout to get the coups to work if I am not mistaken. Thanks for finding this one. I was about to throw out all of my old 6/24 inserts. Glad I waited. Got 40+ of these coupons.

  4. Kathy Spencer says:

    It will scan at the register. Its up to the cashoer to stop it from doubling.

  5. Rboise101 says:

    some cashiers are pains about that. To me, it’s probably easier to go thru the self checkout. But good to know.

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