How to get FREE Home Heating Oil (encore)


People keep asking me how I got a free tank of oil so I am reposting this

I also wanted to add that they will soon be offering propane  and electric to their program!!!

Remember the post I made on Sunday about Neighbor Oil?

If you didn’t read about it HERE

I am SUPER  happy to report it really is true!!  You really can get home heating oil for FREE.

I just received my first delivery today and it was FREE!!!

Ok, not completely free but close enough. My bill came to $1.00!

The only catch was you can’t go negative so I actually paid 1 penny a gallon for a total of  a $1.00 charge on my credit card.

Here is a copy of the charge on my credit card

02/14/2012    NEIGHBOROIL –     $1.00


From start to finish this was a great experience. I had a little trouble figuring out how to complete my order because I was trying to redeem all my points at once and it was making my total a negative. I emailed Neighbor Oil customer support and received a phone call almost instantly and the customer service agent could not have been nicer. She helped me get my oil bill down to a penny a gallon and check out with ease.  I have also received numerous emails from the CEO of the company.  As most of you know I am competitive and play to win. My goal was to make the scoreboard and I did as you can see below.


Top Neighbor Point Earners

kathy in 01921 – 10217pts              <<< That’s me!

  • helaurin in 19382 – 9818pts
  • lunacorp in 06614 – 3315pts

Lowest Price Paid

  • kathy in 01921 – $0.01          <<<whoop whoop!!
  • helaurin in 19382 – $0.01
  • helaurin in 19382 – $2.15


Click Here to start earning FREE oil for yourself



  1. Andrea C says

    GREAT to hear it worked !! Kathy this may sound stupid but not being a “oil” customer “how much did you save”?

  2. Kim8680 says

    Yay – I’m super excited about this! Once that link has enough points, would you mind sharing mine?


  3. Marie V says

    I signed up but I need to take another look at this one…I just can’t wrap my head around it….I use K1 and it is more expensive than regular heating oil…it would be nice to cut that bill down a bit

  4. csentas says

    Kathy, like others I am sure, I am trying to wrap my head around this? My question to you is this….do you do all your shopping online and/ or do you also purchase gift cards for everyday purchases? I am in dire need of help with my oil bill this winter and would love some examples of your purchases so I too can try to cut down my oil bill. Thanks and I follow your website daily and always find great deals from here.

  5. Kathy Spencer says

    All you need to do is sign up and get a referal link. Then post the referal link on your personal facebook wall / For every friend that signs up you get $10.00 in credit. Go look and see how many FB friends you have then do the math. It doesn;t cost anything for them to join and you actually are helping them by showing them how to compare oil pricesin the neighborhood and by telling them about the program then they can post and earn free money. Its a win win for everyone.

  6. csentas says

    Thank you Kathy!! I thought you were shopping to get points but now I see you cam do both. Best to you and thank you for all that you do to help all of us!!

  7. Richard says

    I need help getting fuel or a pellet stove for my house I have a2 year old grandson so I need help

  8. says

    This post is from 3 years ago – I doubt that promo is still active. I would check their website for any other promos, but this is an older post from 2012 :)

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