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The September 2012 edition of Glamour Magazine has a coupon it  to receive a pair of New York and Company pants fro only $10.00!!! There is no maximum cost.

If you don’t get the magazine you may want to pick up a copy or check out the waiting room and the doctors and snag the coupon!

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2 Responses to “Hot Coupon Inside Glamour”

  1. rstlme says:

    I need more details. What page is the offer? Is it an actual CARD or a coupon to cut out?

    I bought the September 2012 issue of Glamour Magazine and I did not find a card or see a [age with two girls wearing trench coats.


  2. Kathy Spencer says:

    It was on the page with the girls
    I think it may have only been on the ones that come via subscription. I got ine inteh one that came in my mail but went to the grocery store to buy another and when i flipped thru it I did not see the q inside :(

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