I was chosen for Project Makeover!

I am excited to share the news that I  was nominated and chosen for  Project Makeover! 

  Maureen from Dare to be Phenomenal  called me  a few weeks ago to say that I had been nominated and chosen to recive a makeover!  Needless to say, I  am thrilled and honored to be receiving this great opportunity.

  Our mission: The Project Makeover team believes in the power of gratitude and in giving back to the community. We embrace the belief that our collective expertise can enrich and empower the lives of others. We strive to help deserving individuals build a strong foundation on which to inspire lifelong success.

They chose me for the above reasons; I thought they picked me because they saw how exhausted I look lately!

My makeover is pretty intense and includes many services that will certainly come in handy as I continue to promote my book and other upcoming projects.  It includes:

Susan Kanoff, Fashion Coach: Up to 6 hours of wardrobe styling including a wardrobe consult, shopping and photo styling.  Value $600+

Grace Quintal, Make-up Artist: One makeup session (up to one hour).  This will include consultation, and application.  In addition I will receive up to three pieces of makeup, along with a customized “Grace Face Guide”.  $300.00 

Fran Spayne, Life coaching sessions using the power of the mind, manifesting using Law of Attraction with the benefit of Fran’s intuitive skills. Two 60 minute phone sessions, value $250.00 

Trish Martini, Soiree, Total value $500

1 hour of etiquette training from “A Positive Impression” (guidance in the art of social graces) plus

  • Letter Sheets (for a more professional look and a little more to say. Has your name and address)
  • Correspondence cards (a flat card and a little more room for something more to say. Has your name or monogram on the top or bottom)
  • Informals (a folded card with little room for just a little something to say. Has your name or monogram on the front usually in the middle)
  • Calling cards (a social card with little on it but your name, phone number and perhaps your e-mail)
  • Enclosure cards (a small business card size for including with gifts.  Has information such as To:       From:  )
  • Jotter pads (tear off pads for a more casual feel to send as a casual notes such as to a teacher for a message with your name on it.  Great to keep near the phone.)
  • A fountain pen to help write all those thank you notes and a reference book to inspire you

Cheri Valentine: Entree package 1 initial 30 minute consultation and 3 – 75 minute sessions 

Value  $525.00

 MAureen Campaiola, Certified Money Breakthrough Coach:  Two Money Breakthrough Session (Value $700)

Sylvia Sasso: A customized diet plan including Assessment meeting/Analysis of food log/Preparation of diet and exercise plan/review of the plan…$300 value

Steven Michael a complete Hair Design & Color Make Over. Approximately 4 hours 

Michele Mulligan, coat or skirt

Thirty Petals: Two complete outfits including accessories

Monique Johnson, 2 hour consultation for entertaining tips or event planning, $150 value.    

Linda Holt:  One room re-design of your choice including up to 4 hours of design time.

Fresh of Nashua:  A complete outfit

Marc Dove Photography:  Before and after photo session

I will be sharing my journey as I go through all the steps.

My first step is working with Sylvia from Shaperella. I have to record everything I eat for 1 week. Uh-oh! Good thing there wasn’t a pizza roll and chips cat sale this past week!


  1. artanis says

    Whoo hooo! Congrats Kathy! You deserve it! Enjoy…. can’t wait to “virtually” share the experience with you!

  2. meemo123 says

    I saw you at the RI home show……you DESERVE it!!! Thank you for giving back to the community! What goes around…comes around!! It NEVER goes unnoticed! This is YOUR beginning! I can never express my gratitiude…although this is only my second week couponing…I shopped totally FREE today..why??? because of you!!! I bought your book and am only on chapter three!! Imagine what I can do when I finish the book!! I TOO will give back!!! I pray I do well so I can do that!! PS….I am so glad you did not go on that show “extreme couponing”..I read your reasons why….you are more classy than what that show portrays…and as you say..you want to help people like me…that WILL be HONORED in your life!!! You are ONE of a kind….be proud of that!! Although I don’t think you need a makeover…..I am happy you WON it!!!! May you be BLESSED beyond belief…because you remember where you came from and who you are……and that your heart is in a right place…I KNOW you will be!! ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!!!! AND thank you thank you thank you!!! You’ll hear from me again…as I need your help VERY MUCH!!! Remember..there are ALWAYS ANGELS watching over us!!! You are OUR ANGEL!! And your angels are always on your shoulders!! Much Love…from all of us…I am SURE!!!!!!

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