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Save 15% on your entire purchase at Kohl’s with the printable Yes Pass

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5 Responses to “Kohl’s 15% Yes Pass”

  1. Saron0 says:

    I have a question on the 10 for $10 coupons…I bought 20 of them on ebay this past weekend for $9.25I just went to kohls today and they told me they could only honor one coupon…that its supposed to be one per customer, what do I do now with the remaining 19?
    Help please

  2. Kathy Spencer says:

    You need to use them in seprate trips or orders. Be warned 99.8% of the 10/10 qs on ebay are fakes.

  3. Kathy Spencer says:

    Stick to the 5/5s

  4. Saron0 says:

    Oh ok thank you so much, but if it scanned can it still be fake?

  5. Kathy Spencer says:

    Yes, but if it scans on the glass plate it should be real.

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