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Everyone is always asking my opinion on survey and product testing sites so I have compiled a list of sites that you can either earn free money or products.

Here it is;

BZZAGENT I love this website. They will send you free products to test and keep at no cost to you. The surveys are fairly short and simple. Great website.

Inbox Dollars  You won’t get rich from this but it’s a great way to make a few extra bucks in your spare time by completing surveys. Free money is always good!

Vocalpoint This one is simple and easy they will send you small things in your mailbox like cereals, energy bars and coupons. Great way to try new products and flavors for free.

Handyman  Product testing site for tools

Vindale Product opinion website. I have heard mixed reviews about this site I have been told that it wasn’t a good site but it has improved do proceed with caution on this one.

Houseparty One of the best product testing sites. They send you great products to test and keep 100% free. The surveys are fairly long but if you get picked it is well worth the time.

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6 Responses to “FREE Product Testing and Survey Sites”

  1. elisechristine says:

    Shadow shopper is not the way to go if you are interested in Mystery Shopping.

  2. lkoblara says:

    I love BzzAgent and HouseParty too! Also use Vocalpoint. I’ve gotten some amazing free products from all 3 sites.

  3. danaplus3 says:

    I work as a recruiter for a market research company in Framimgham. I recruit people to particpate in marketing studies such as product testing, focus groups, taste tests ect.. These are usually 1-2 hous in Framingham or Boston (mostly Framingham) and pay in cash. If anyone is interested in more information, please e-mail me at bocdoc@comcast.net.

  4. Angela1972 says:

    How do you get the products on bzzagent? I only take surveys and get points.

  5. SurferGirl2010 says:

    I signed up for HouseParty a few weeks ago and I already got picked as a host. Can’t wait! :o)

  6. Shanyn says:

    Love BzzAgent…been “bzzing” for a few years and gotten lot of cool free stuff! Just signed up for Vocalpoint and now will be checking out House Party!

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