How to Shop for FREE at Staples: 2 day sale

How to Shop for Free at Staples

Staples  2 Day Sale 2/19/12 – 2/20/12





8.5” x 11” copy [paper 500 sheets /ream $5.49 –$5.49 easy rebate =FREE


Photo Plus 4”x6” gloss paper $9.99 –$9.99 easy rebate = FREE


Staedtler Maxum ballpoint pens8 pack $5.99 –$5.99 easy rebate = FREE


Kleenex 2 pack facial tissues $2.99 –$2.99 =FREE







Avery 8160white address labels 25 sheets $12.79 – $12.79 easy rebate = FREE

Lots of other great deals for $0.25 an up.


  1. MJHsmom says

    I’ve never done these before, so I apologize if this is a dumb question but are these rebates in the form of a credit on your Staples rewards card or do they actually send you a check?

  2. MJHsmom says

    Ok, I found the answer on the Staples website, a pre-paid Visa check card, cool! This lead me to another question, do they limit how many you can do per item? For instance, if I buy 5 reams of paper can I submit each for the rebate?

  3. TofuForBrains says

    There is usually a per-item limit which they should state in the ad. Usually it’s one or two per household. They issue the rebates in different formats…sometimes it’s a pre-paid credit card, but more often it’s 100% back in Staples rewards (i.e., if it’s not a true rebate) or else you get a little check in your mailbox the size of a postcard. You submit on and it should tell you what you’re getting when you do.

  4. laurak says

    I just got a Q from Staples in the mail this week: $10 off any in-store purchase of $20 or more – should turn out to be a MM if you got the same Q!

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