Stocking up kids preparing to leave the nest for college


The following tip is from HTSFF Andrea

Thought I would share an idea for giving to kids going off to college.. I am supplying 7 of my son’s friends for a cost of 7.00 oop for the laundry hamper filled with items they will need…and still working on filling them up a little more…

What a great way to help out college kids. I did a similar donation to my daughters friends when they left for college. This is a great way to clean out your stockpiles and really help some kids. They will think of you every time they grab an item. It will cost you next to nothing and save them a ton.

I love the idea of the hampers and you can normally find them at Kohl’s , with the right q they will be free as well!

Thanks for sharing this Andrea I am sure it will inspire others to do the same!


  1. Meeko says

    Update… I went to Kohl’s pillows 3.99 and large bath towels 9.99 BOGO… Used Kohl’s 10 off 10 got all the kids pillows and a towel…Sale ends today..

  2. amyc94 says

    Would love to get some ideas of what you put in these “off to college hampers”

  3. Kathy Spencer says

    I filled them with shampoo, soap , laundry det, deodorant, candy gum , toothpaste, toothbrushes, advil, floss,nail polish, nail dfiles etc etc..
    Any travel size items are great too. If you can find free flip fops at Kohls with a 5/5 they will apprecaite them if they are in a dorm and public.
    Most kids have to walk back and fourth to showers so the smaller items work great for them. I sent my daughter with a few rolls of quaters for laundry

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