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Here is  a deal worth bragging over from HTSFF Mod Cabeane. She scored big last week at Roche Bros and got paid to take away her haul!

Way to go Cabeane!!


I got $49.80 worth of product and I got paid $8.20 to take them away.

This is how I did it:

Bought (20) Viva Paper Towels on sale at Roche Bros for 1.79. (reg price $2.49)

Used (20) .85 q’s (3/11 SS), doubled

Total OOP $1.80

Rebate $10.00 (Kimberly Clark/Roche Bros rebate-$10 when you buy $35 worth of Kimberly Clark products)

8.20 MM!

I did this in one transaction as RB’s doesn’t limit the amount of like coupons they will double

This is one of my best deals. I even sent in the rebate already. I am usually terrible about that

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3 Responses to “Stockpile Brag from HTSFF Cabeane”

  1. juliebino says:

    Way to go Carol – I knew I should have got my act together in enough time to score this one – great deal!!

  2. Rboise101 says:

    is this deal still going on? Man I certainly could have used this.

  3. juliebino says:

    No. Unfortunately, it ended last Thursday.

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