The next generation of “extreme baby couponers”


I love when members share stories of their children starting to coupon. It  makes me think of our dearly departed coupon friend Anthony Scott and how he loved to share with us his stories of having his boys learn these methods and roll their own ECB’s. I miss hearing his inspiring stories.

All of this makes me think. Every generation, we have a label that we expect each generation to be known for. I am hoping we all can change the world by making the next generation the generation of the “extreme coupon babies.” Think about what a difference it would make in their lives and the people around them if our children learned how to shop for free at a young age and started looking at coupons as dollar bills and not trash.

I often forget what it is like to struggle for things because I now get nearly everything for free. I like to remind myself how when I was in my early twenties and newly divorced with a young daughter I only had an extra forty bucks a month to survive on after the bills were paid.

Fast forward twenty years and I think of how my youngest of four children is now finally toilet trained and he went through the long diaper stage without me once having to pay for diapers. Not only did I diaper him for free, but also I  fed and clothed him completely free– thanks to coupons. If I only knew in my 20’s what I know now, life would have been much easier.

But going back to the kids of this generation…. imagine what they could accomplish if they start learning how to get something for nothing now while they’re  young. They could avoid credit card debt, going hungry, and they will learn from a young age how importnt it is to generously give backto others. For that,  they will be blessed with a lifetime of good karma.  Look where it’s  gotten me! Never in a million years did I expect my life to become what it has, and I owe it all to the power of a coupon!

Teach your kids now and they can change the world one coupon at a time!


  1. says

    I’m glad you posted this Kathy. I often say the same thing and have now began teaching my nieces and nephews (most just starting out) how to shop with coupons. I know I have at least one of my nieces (also a new mom) hooked! My lil’ guy 7 years old loves to coupon shop with me. I’ve even joked with my 16 year old that I would send him yummy things in a care package with coupons…so he can boast to all his friends that he’s not feasting on ramen noodles for dinner. All I can say is Thank You to you, because since I found your site a few years ago our family has been able to do so much more – from family vacations – to my finishing school – to building a garage (my husband says THANK YOU for that) all because of coupons. But it’s soo much farther reaching than that b/c now my 30 + nieces and nephews including my kids no the valus of the q…that it’s not trash – it’s like money in the bank. Even better they don’t have to rely on the government for help when they need it. I think this generation above others in the recent past will become more frugal and dollar wise and not penny foolish. So kudos to you!

  2. vharris says

    I also want to THANK YOU! Although my children are not at completely free, they are shopping smarting and are able to have a full pantry! When I shared your workshop with them back in the fall, two of my girls were really struggling and because it meant so much to me to have learn to use their coupons in a SMART way, and be at your workshop, I offered to front them the $$$ and I told them that it was going to be the best investment of $20 that they would make. They are all saving each time they walk in a store. We are all earning tips from each other and from you each time we shop, save and attend one of your workshops and/or visit your site. One thing that I have to overcome is the courage to be at the super market and know that I have a zero out of pocket and not throw in something just to make sure that there is an OOP. I continue to share my experiences with friends, relatives and colleagues and always mention you in my conversations. And as Chinadol says, “This generation above others in the recent past will become more frugal and dollar wise and not penny foolish. So kudos to you!” Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for sharing your smart shopping with me and my family.

  3. pamelad says

    I am a newbie, but your post really hit home. My daughter, who is 11, has so much fun going to the store with me. She has eagle eyes for tear pads! My boys, 6 and 4, no longer ask if they can have something at the store. They ask if I have a coupon for whatever they have their eye on! We are saving money and having fun doing it! Thank you, Kathy! (By the way, your book is awesome. I read it in one day and now use it as a reference tool!)

  4. bostongal says

    I truly thank you for this website, your book and your willingness to share this with people like me. I live on a very tight fixed income due to a disability and while I have always used coupons I have never been able to do as much with my income as I can now. In the month that I have been doing this I have been able to build a small stockpile that I am very proud of and I have been able to help out both of my grown children who are struggling. I am now trying to teach them to do this as well and while they are not as interested as I am they are appreciating the boxes that are sent with the products that I have been able to get for them.

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