What did you love the most about this Black Friday?

I can’t post all the great deals I got this year since I have children that are creeping for clues on the site. But, I can say I LOVED the VIP Black Friday package that I got for FREE from Living Social!! I got my deal by referring 3 friends but it is something I definitely would have paid for if I had to.If you didn’t grab this deal you missed out big time!

When I arrived at the mall they had barricades sectioning off a VIP parking lot. Security guards   allowed you to pass thru the gates into a empty parking lot with front row parking.  Now envision the feeling of superstar- ism when the entire North Shore Mall is packed out to the highway with cars and you as a VIP get waved into front row parking in a separate lot with about 4 other cars on Black Friday, priceless!!   I would have been happy with just that. On top of the amazing parking was the VIP lounge. I was expecting a coffee and bottled water but was pleasantly surprised  to see a full lunch waiting for me. Tables of fruit salad , gourmet brownies, fruit salad, Chick Fil A’ chicken sandwiches, drinks and more all for free .  I really hope this is a new tradition!

So what was your best brag for BF?  Did yo score big and get everything you wanted?

Did my  Black Friday eBook help you?

Let me know what you got . I’m not ready to stop talking about Black Friday .


Only 364 days until Black Friday 2012!! Whoop Whoop!!!


  1. VeniVidiVisa says

    Your book did give me a few more pointers. I don’t like crowds and was afraid to go to the mall but it sounded like the VIP thing was well worth it. Maybe next year I will reconsider. I got some good deals on BF but just as good deals with all the 1/2 off and $10 off $10+ coupons out there. I am now 90% done with my shopping.

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