Why is How to Shop for Free the bestest website ever…

Because we have members like Jen  from Beverly, MA who make us the best group on the net, that’s why!!

I am so grateful to Jen and all the other wonderful caring and amazing people that make our group what it is!

Paying it Forward is the best feeling ever and as you can see by Jens email she sent me that  she really enjoyed watching the happiness she created for this random stranger.

Think of the difference she just made in that women’s day.

Way to go Jen you are awesome!!


I wanted to share with you the amazing thing I was able to do today in stop and shop thanks to you and your teachings I was in front of a mother who’s debit card was denied and who did not have enough money in her pocket to pay for her . I took notice of the size they were the same as the one’s I was purchasing they had me move to another register while they tried to help sort out her issues.  I paid for the diapers and asked the cashier to wait until I left and then give all 6 of them to that women.  I waited in the parking lot for her to come out the smile of her face was priceless I am on cloud nine :)

thank you thank you for all that you teach paying it forward is so rewarding and I wouldn’t have been able to do it if not for you

Jen from Beverly


  1. debz says

    This story brought me to tears…good tears. What an amazingly beautiful thing to do for that woman. Bless your kindness.

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