TRIA Hair Removal Laser

TRIA Hair Removal Laser

I was just watching the TV Show The Doctors and they were talking about TRIA Hair removal and they were in favor of it.They said if used correctly  it really does work.  My first thought was, if it’s not free  it’s not for me. We get free razors all the time so why pay. But he I started thinking what would it be like to not have to shave. I have to say I am liking the idea of that. Anything g that saves time and hassle is always something I am interested in.  I shopped around looking for a deal and it its $395.00 on Amazon, Ouch!  But then I started to rationalize the math on it ,because that is how my brain works. I am going to guess I should get at least 10 years of shaving/non shaving out of it. $395.00 divided by 10 = 39.50 a year. 39.50 divided by 12 months = about $3.25. Spending $3.25 a razor doesn’t seem so bad. But will it last 10 years? Will it last even more? Will it make me really not have to shave for 6 months at a time?  Smooth legs with no effort for 6 months at a time has me intrigued. That to me is worth $3.25. Does any HTSFF’er own one of these? If so please share your experiences with me. Does it work, does it hurt, how long did it take to see results? Please respond to this post with your story as this one has me curious.

Now I just need to figure out away to get this for free.  I think I a going to email the company and see if they will send me one for a review. Can’t hurt to ask!


  1. freebabyfree says

    I would suggest you compare this with the other types of at-home long term hair removal methods like the No! No! and the Silk’n Sensepil, both on the maufacturers’ sites and by reading reviews. None of them is 100% effective, they all have pros and cons. The major con for the Tria is that each “zap” only treats a hair or 2, so it can take a looong time to treat your legs, No matter what method you use, you will need several treatments spread out over a period of months to see significant hair reduction.

  2. Calliegrls says

    I say go with waxing. Often we can get Veet for free. Waxing works well and sure is much more affordable than the gadgets we wish were true to their claims. If the Tria or NoNo were 100 % effective, I would invest in one but because they are not, I will continue to wax on, wax off in the privacy of my home.

  3. TimeToShop says

    I would like to know how to do the underarm area with either of these products — NoNo or Tria. How easy is it to place it correctly?
    I’ve gone back and forth trying to decide whether or not to get the NoNo. If either one worked I don’t think it would be all that much trouble to use. I used to use Emjoi, and that was faster than either of these methods, but painful. While the hair growing back was finer, it still hurt a lot.

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