BzzAgent Covergirl + Olay Campaign


BzzAgent Covergirl + Olay Campaign

Attention Bzzagents

Check your account for  anew Covergirl + Olay Campaign

Here is what you get for FREE

  • CoverGirl + Olay FaceLift Effect Firming Makeup sample
  • CoverGirl + Olay De-Puffer Concealer sample
  • Pass-along coupons for $3 off CoverGirl + Olay products

Both samples will come in the shade(s) you chose while signing up for this campaign.

If you are not a Bzzagent you can sign up for FREE

Bzzagent is one of the best FREE product testing websites out there.

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BzzAgent Freebies in the mail


Have you joined BzzAgent yet?

BzzAgent is a free product testing website that sends you free things to try and keep.

I recently received a Goya test kit from them filled with Goya products and  coupons.

BzzAgent wants you to spread the word about the products you test by word of mouth.

I have t say I love Goya products and the black beans are delicious!

This is one of my favorite product testing websites.

If you haven't joined you can do so by going to

Are you a BzzAgent? What was your favorite all time campaign you received from them?


Free Water Anyone?

I just received 2 free months of home delivery from Poland Spring with no strings attached thanks to Bzzagent! I am sure you have heard me talk about BzzAgent in the past but for those of you that haven’t you need to check it out! BzzAgent is FREE and they send you products to test and keep. In return they ask that you do word of mouth advertising for the product once you test it. You keep everything they send to you, and yes it’s all free!

Today I just joined the Poland Spring campaign, I will receive (4) cases of Poland Spring water once a month and (1) 24 pack of Poland Spring flavored seltzer water a month. The trial period is for 2 months and then it’s over. I do not need to cancel or renew. 10 cases total of free water sounds good to me! How about you?

Have you joined Bzzagent yet?  Do you love it?                                                    Tell me what your favorite past BzzAgent campaigns were.

Free Bra and Panties in my mailbox!!

When the mail man starts dropping off bras and panties should your significant other start to worry?

Some would say yes but my husband knows me well enough to know I am not having an affair with the mail man and realizes I have found yet another way to score some free stuff.

This time my freebies came from BzzAgent.

BzzAgent is running a word of mouth campaign and sent me a Barely There bra and Barely There undies for me to try out free!

And no, they do not want them back. That would be weird and creepy.

If you aren’t familiar with BzzAgent it is  a product testing site that sends you great full size products to test out and keep. In return, they ask that you spread the word about the campaign that you have tested

BzzAgent is one of the best product testing sites out there and its 100% free.

If you want to start getting free undies as well as other goodies delivered to your mailbox then you, too, should sign up to become a BzzAgent.

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