Just 1 Coupon Insert Today but you will want it!!


Just 1 Coupon Insert Today

Today 12/29/13 we received just a P& G Coupon Insert.

You will want to get your hands on it because come mid/late January many of these P&G products will be deeply discounted at the drug stores

Hair color, shampoo and make up will be free with these coupons as well as many more products

Below is the full list of coupons available for sale from Klip2Save  or you can purchase full inserts on Ebay  HERE




Align $3/1 exp Fri 1/31/14 PG 12-29
Always $1/1 Infinity Pad, Radiant Pad or Radiant Pantiliner exp Fri 1/31/14 PG 12-29

Always $0.50/1 Pad or Feminine Cleansing Product exp Fri 1/31/14 PG 12-29
Always $0.50/1 Pantiliner 30ct+ exp Fri 1/31/14 PG 12-29
Bounce $0.50/1 exp Fri 1/31/14 PG 12-29
Bounty $0.25/1 Towels or Napkins exp Fri 1/31/14 PG 12-29

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Kohl’s Coupons in the Mail

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Kohls coupons in the mail

Check your mail for Kohl’s coupons

I received a Kohl’s $10.00 off $30.00 coupon

A Friends and Family 20% off Coupon and a Pick a Day15% off coupon.

The Pick a day 15% off coupon is valid on Black Friday.

If you did not get this coupon you can get one on Ebay HERE

Some people are getting a $10.00 off $10.00 Black Friday Coupon. You can purchase taht coupon as well on Ebay

eBay changes Coupon Policy

I have always been a HUGE fan of coupons on eBay  but eBay just made some rule changes that will hurt many sellers and make them sell elsewhere.

Here are  the new changes


  • You may sell up to $100 or 25 valid, unexpired, original coupons per month. (See additional information below for more guidelines.)


25 coupons per month will put coupon sellers out of business as most sell 25 per hour


  • Multi-quantity listings: You can’t sell more than 25 coupons in a single listing. The allowed 25 coupons per month include multi-quantity listings.

  • Make sure you clearly state in your description how many coupons you’re selling. If we can’t tell how many coupons are offered, the listing violates our policy.

Not allowed

  • Coupons for "free" products: You can’t sell coupons for "free" products. This restriction includes coupons for free items, or coupons where the coupon holder buys a quantity of items at one price, and receives additional items for free.

This is a good thing IMO as there are so many counterfeit “FREE” coupons out there. I also like this because TLC is always showing Extreme Couponers with 98% FREE product coupons. To me there is no talent in that.

  • Electronic "scanned" coupons: All coupons sold through eBay must be physical coupons printed on paper, not coupons that can be sent electronically to the buyer to be printed. Also, to reduce the potential for coupon fraud, don’t include unaltered scans of coupons in their listings that could be copied, printed, and redeemed in stores.


Note: The sale of scanned or photocopied coupons may violate federal copyright laws, and sellers of unlawful items like these could face prosecution under federal law. We don’t allow the sale of these kinds of coupons.

  • Coupons for recalled items: Coupons for items that have been recalled by the manufacturer can’t be listed on eBay.

  • Recalled coupons: Coupons that have been recalled by the manufacturer can’t be listed on eBay.

Thank Laurie from Stay at Home Moms on ebay  for the heads up on these changes.

See the full policy change here