How to get the “How to Shop for Free” book for FREE!

htsff book!

Everyone always asks me “How can I get your book How To Shop For Free for FREE?”

There is always a way to get anything you want for free if you challenge the way you currently think and shop.

Here’s how:

Sign up to get a Barnes & Noble Credit Card.

Click Here to apply

Once you receive the credit card, use it to make one purchase, like a cup of coffee. After one purchase, you will be rewarded a B&N $25.00 gift card.

Then take your gift card and buy 2 How to Shop for Free books one for you and one for say, a Mothers day Gift.

That’s How to Shop for Free!

Extreme Couponing on TLC


Extreme Couponing the series starts tonight on TLC!

If you’ve have been wondering– YES– I was asked to be on TLC’s Extreme couponing show premiering tonight, but after thinking long and hard I have chosen to pass on this season of Extreme Couponing. My focus has always been on showing everyday people like you how to shop like I do— save money in tough economic times and also pay it forward to the less fortunate– and TLC’s emphasis is on extreme shopping tactics that are unrealistic for most people.  My message is that shopping for free is an attainable goal for anyone who puts their mind to it (and a little extra time) and that’s what I aim to show you via the forums on this site, in my book and on my facebook page. That said, “Extreme Couponing” should be an entertaining series and even though you won’t see me tonight on TLC, you will be seeing more of me on in the near future..stay tuned!!