Extreme Couponing and Priorities

coupon prioroties

Extreme Couponing and Priorities

When I first started extreme couponing it was all about what I could get for FREE. It didn’t matter where it was, or if I’d actually use it, it was FREE. It was all about the chase and the exhilaration of getting something for FREE. Then one day, while I was planning yet another trip to the store to get MORE of something I had plenty of, it dawned on me….I REALLY didn’t need any more and should just get to my son’s baseball game-ON TIME…
So this caused me to really ask myself: Is it really worth missing out on something else because you might miss the deal? The obvious answer is no.
The reality is, you need to prioritize when couponing: If you decide to go to your son’s ballgame, will there be nothing for dinner? Well, if the answer is yes, by all means, go shopping.
More often than not however, we extreme couponers are just adding to our stockpiles.
Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you drop everything to go out shopping.

  • Do you need it?
  • Will you use it?
  • Is it really worth your time and gas?
  • Do you really need to go to that drug store 10 miles away to get ONE free toothpaste?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then stop clipping and go play with your kids!

I mainly shop at Stop & Shop and CVS. The reasons I shop primarily at these two stores are because: I believe both to these stores have the best reward programs, gas points and ECB’s, good sales and they are convenient for me. That is the key. I work full time, have two kids and not a whole lot of extra time. That is not to say that I don’t to other stores, but it has to be worth my while.
Now I must go and run out to Shaw’s for my free Turkey bacon…



Carol Beane (aka cabeane)
-Full time mother, wife, worker, extreme couponer and moderator for Howtoshopforfree.net.




Silk Soymilk, Lucky Charms, and Tuna .88 each at Shaw’s

1.88 coupon deal


Silk Soymilk, Lucky Charms, Tuna .88 each at Shaw’s

Shaw’s sale 3/6-  3/12   **MUST BUY 6 Mix and Match for $1.88 price each

Deal Scenario


(2) Silk Soymilk $1.88 each  use (2) $1/1 printable coupon

(2) Lucky Charms Cereal $1.88 each use (2) .50/1 printable coupon (doubles to $1.00 off each)

(2) Starkist Tuna .88 each (no coupon needed-SATURDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY)

Total: $5.28 for 6 items making them .88 each!!


How To Receive Forum Post Updates In Your Inbox


How To Receive Forum Post Updates In Your Inbox

Are you signed up to receive email notifications of all posts that in the forums? 

If not you may be missing a lot of good deals!!

Here is how to sign up for forum post notifications


From the How to Shop for Free home page click on the top left  button that says FORUM

Here you will see if you are logged in or need to log in.

Once you are logged in click on the PROFILE Button on the far right


Then click on the Subscriptions Button on the far right


Here you can subscribe to receive emails from topics you post in immediately or receive a daily digest


Be sure and choose what you would like to be subscribed to by clicking the left side bar Forum Subscriptions then checking off each one you would like to receive email updates from. You can also choose specific topics as well.


When you are done be sure and click UPDATE SUBSCRIPTIONS to save the changes.

That’s it! Once you do that you will never miss a forum conversation!



How to Shop for Free® Coupon Class

Dracut Library is sponsoring a FREE How to Shop for Free® Coupon Class on Monday July 8th from 6-8 pm

You can register for the event by contacting :  Nanci Milone Hill   978-454-5474, x 301  or email  nhill@mvlc.org

For more info and directions Click Here

Stockpile Brag Video


Check out this great stockpile brag video by HTSFF Kimberly L.

“I am a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful, five month old girl. I started couponing a few years back and love my stockpiles!! I have bins filled with all the household necessities! When I found out I was pregnant, I started to stockpile baby items. I love it! “
Kimberly L

Click Here to watch video

Do you have a stockpile you would like featured on How to Shop for Free?

Enter our Show me your stockpile contest HERE

EXTREME Luigi’s Stockpile by Badger


WOW!!!! Check out all the Luigi’s Italian Ice Badger got!!!


Here is the email Badger sent me

“Wanted to Thank you!!

I was able to get 196 boxes of Italian Ice = 1,176 total

The total (before the register crashed, yes crashed) was $124.38

I got 8400 gas points as well as an addition 30 gas points because of a coupon that came on my paper.

Originally I was going to group it in 49 boxes at a time so I could get the ketchup and mayonnaise x4 but the Stop & Shop I go to, the management are so unbelievably good that they let me combine them in one order and I didn’t have to separate. I was able to use the $5 off $50 coupon and the Catalina’s from the barilla from last week.

These all go to my boys team’s snack shack for the season.

Thank you!!!!SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile 



I know a lot of you are still trying to wrap your head around the extreme gas point savings. Do the math. Before you say she’s crazy and why would she get that many let me break it down for you. She spent $124.38  to get 196 boxes of Italian Ice and earned $294.00 in gas.

Again.. That’s $294.00 in gas plus 196 boxes of Italian Ices for $124.38.

Most all of us have to buy gas. If you are going to get $294.00 or gas over the course of 30 days wouldn’t you want to get it for only $124.38 …and get all the Italian ice too! Think about it. Obviously this is one REALLY  Extreme sized scenario but break it down.

What do you spend a month on gas?  If you can take that gas budget and save at least 50% off your cost plus get free food why wouldn’t you?

Stockpile Brag by Melanie O.


Check out Melanie’s stockpile!

I started an interest in couponing 2 yrs ago because of a blizzard lol!
I have since been able to provide not only for my in house immediate family, but also extended family that have/had fallen on hard times due to illness and unemployment.  I am also very active in donating in my community for our local schools Buddy Pack Program.  And what is great is that at Christmas time I work seasonally and become too busy to shop so we strictly live off our stockpile (minus perishables). I love coupons and helping others. (This is only one section of my stockpile)
Melanie O.