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Extreme Coupon Class in Manchester, NH 6/13


Tomorrow night I will be in Manchester , NH doing a “Coupon Class for a Cause” Fundraiser Event  where  I will be  teaching everyone                                              How to Shop for Free!    

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Welcome Fox News Viewers!

       I  just want to extend a warm welcome to all the new Fox News viewers!

If you are new to this site and feel a bit overwhelmed, take a deep breath and know you are not alone. We love newbies and are here to help and guide you. Don’t be shy.  Please feel free to post questions and ask for help.

There are so many deals to be had on any given day it can make your head spin! Take baby steps. Start slow and eventually you will be shopping for free!

Follow the steps below to get started cashing in on all the great deals:

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Free Mothers Day Flowers


Stop & Shop is having a promo where you can get a free designer bunch of flowers of your choice when you spend $25.00 or more on gift cards.

The best way to work this deal is to buy a Stop & Shop gift card and then get your mom free flowers for mothers day.

If you are going to spend $25.00 in the store shopping anyway, why not put it on a gift card first since there is no fees for a SS gift card.

Offer Valid April 29-May 12

Encore: How I got my Uggs for FREE!


There is a webiste called Shop It To Me.

The way the site works is you sign up and tell them what brands or stores you are interested in hearing about sales.

If you like North Face, Uggs, Fox, Calvin Klein or Old Navy you check those boxes off.  Every day they will send you an email letting you know if there are any great deals on the brands or stores that you have picked. It’s a great service and it’s actually how I was able to snag a North Face Denali for my daughter for $40.00.

Besides the great service that they provide,they also offer you a $10.00 gift card for every 10 people you refer.

You can choose from a list of merchants for which you can receive the gift card from. Some of the stores are Whole Foods, Nordstrom, Gap, Amazon, Old Navy, among others.

I got enough referrals by posting my referral link on my Facebook page to earn me enough gift cards to get myself a FREE pair of Ugg’s, plus many other designer freebies!

There is always a way to get what you want for free. You just have to think outside the box and make the deals happen!

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