No Beer Purchase Required Rebates

When you see me post about a npbr rebate it simply means you don’t have to purchase the beer to get the rebate.  It is against the law in some states for them to require you to buy beer and Maine happens to be one of them.  These rebates are great because they are for items that are seasonal at the time of the rebate.  Stores have sales to go along with the required items for the rebates during that season. Usually it will say receipt(s) meaning you can use more than one receipt for the rebate.  They often are spend $10 on meat get $10 back right there you are getting $10 of free meat after the rebate but to make it even better look for meat with managers stickers on it reducing the price you will actually pay for $10 of meat and pair it with a coupon.  Hopefully a store and a manufacturers coupon.  I am able to get the meat free and then get the rebate for a $10 profit.  They only look at the price the meat rang up before any coupons were deducted.