Shaw’s Gift Card Cat (How to work it)


I have been getting lot’s of emails asking how to break this cat down so here is goes.

Shaw’s is having a deal where if you spend $100.00 in Gift cards you get a $20.00 Shaws Cat to use on your next grocery order.

Here’s how to milk this cat

Step 1.   Go to Shaw’s buy a $100.00 Kmart or Sears gift card, pay $100.00 get back a $20.00 Shaw’s cat.

Step 2. Go to Kmart buy a $100.00 American Express, Pay 105.99 use your Kmart card to pay and then pay $5.99 oop (there is a 5.99 activation fee).

*When paying you will just swipe your Kmart card as a form of payment just like you would a credit card. There is no need to explain this to the cashier or ask if it’s ok to pay with a gift card for a gift card.

Step 3.Go back to Shaw’s and buy $100.00 more in Kmart gift cards , pay with your  AE gift card , get $20.00 in Shaws money .

Each time you roll this you will have to put out $5.99 in activation fees but you will be getting $20.00 back in Shaws cats as you do this so it’s a 14.01 Shaws profit each roll based on a 100.00 gift card purchase.

The trick some have been finding to make this no oop at all is to then put your Shaws cats onto a Shaws gift card.  Finding a Shaws that will allow that to happen will be the hard part. If you’ve found one please post where so others can extend the life of the Shaws cats and then use the Shaws gift card to pay for the next set of gift cards.

While doing this deal also think of ways to to get your Christmas shopping done. If you normally buy gift cards as gifts buy them now and make yorself $20.00 in free grocery money or If you know you will be spending $500.00 at a specific store over the holidays  get the gift card now and cash in on $100.00 in free grocerys.

If you are doing any Lowes or Home Depot projects buy the gift cards at Shaws first.

Any stores that you know you are going to buy something in check Shaw’s first and see if there is a gift card for it first. Buy the gift cards and profit $20.00 for every $100.00 you spend.

If you are spending $2000.00 at Home Depot go to Shaws buy 4 sets of 500.00 in Home Depot Gift cards and walk away with $400.00 in Shaws money. Then pay at Home Depot with your gift cards. Also remember to look for a 10% HD coupon and save another $200.00 on your project.  Now your 2000.00 project just gave you back a total of $600.00. $2000.00 down to $1400.00 is a great savings!

Remember to plan ahead  wherever you are eventually going to shop in the next few months buy a gift card now and it’s a 20% profit. That is a very good investment.

* You can only get $500.00 worth of gift cards at a time. If you want $1000.00 in gift cards be sure to have them rung up separately to ensure your cats print.

*Shaws cats expire 1 week from printing.

Shaws Gift Card Promo *HOT*

Shaws Gift Card Promotion

Save $20.00 on your next shopping trip when you purchase $100.00 or more in Gift Cards at Shaws from 6/5/11 to 6/22/11

***Offer excludes Shaws, Master Card, American Express and Visa gift cards.

Limit 5 coupons per transaction. (I assume that means the deal will work in sets of 5.)

This is a great deal for anyone who is a contractor or if you are planning on doing a home remodeling project.

Look at it this way:

Say you are planning on doing a project that costs you $500.00

Buy the Lowes or Home Depot gift cards at Shaws. For every $500.00 in gift cards you purchase, you get a total of $100.00 back in FREE Shaws money!

Use your gift cards to pay for your project supplies, and if you add in Lowes or Home Depot coupons on top of that, your project costs will start looking a whole lot better!

Do you give out gift cards for Christmas and Birthdays? Buy them now and get yourself some free money!

Cash in while you can and make a 20% profit on all the money you normally would spend at the select stores.

Cha Ching!