Where to get coupons

Everyday on the How to Shop for Free Facebook Fan page we get the same question which is ;

Where can I get coupons?

There are lots of places to get coupons so here is a list of my personal favorites

Print them

You can print coupons from your computer from the following websites. You are allowed to print 2 coupons per computer. After the first coupon prints you can hit the backspace button on your computer to get the second coupon to print. This is a shortcut to get it to print faster. Please remember that you cannot photo copy coupons, Photo copying is a form of coupon fraud so now matter how tempting it is do not do it. If you need more than 2 specific coupons print from the library, school a friends house or trade for them in the How to Shop for free trading forums.


Coupon Network


Get Inserts

Get your hand on coupon inserts. There are lots of ways to get them start by asking Ask your local gas station or store for the left over papers Sunday night or Monday morning, Ask your non coupon friends for theirs.  You can dumpster dive for coupons as well. (not HTSFF recommended  but to each is own). If you choose to jump in be sure you are diving in a paper only dumpster. Be sure to have permission from the property owner before diving so you are not charged with trespassing.

Want to know what coupons are coming out before diving or grabbing extra papers for the week? You can view a list of what coupons we can expect by visiting Sunday Coupon Preview

Download Savings

Save extra money by downloading coupons onto your store cards with SavingStar . You will not see the savings at the register but you will in your account. Visit SavingStar  weekly to download new coupon offers onto your store cards to watch your savings grow. You can use these in addition to manufacturer coupons.

Upromise is also a great way to save money thru your store rewards cards and credit cards. They add money to your Upromise account to use towards college for doing what you do every day , shop!

Coupon clipping sites

You can get coupons from many coupon clipping sites and even Ebay. Selling of coupons is not allowed so you pay a ‘”service fee” . Sellers list coupons and ask you to pay for their time to collect , locate and package the coupons.

Any time you shop online you should use a cash back site like EbatesEbates pays you back for online purchase even coupons!

When searching for coupons online you should always use a search engine that pays you back. My favorite is Swagbucks.   Swagbucks is a search engine toolbar similar to Google or Bing. Swagbucks awards you with gift card and coupons fro searching via their website. Another win win!

Swagbucks another way to get FREE stuff!!


Swagbucks is a website that rewards you for doing the things you do on the web every day:  search, shop, answer polls, and more.  Start using Swagbucks as your search engine and start getting paid to search the internet. Everytime you use their search engine you will earn SwagBucks.  You can redeem your SwagBucks for FREE Gift Cards. Save them up and start getting bigger things for free like, MP3’s , digital cameras, TV’s etc..

Click Here to Join.
Its free, easy and NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

Have you gotten freebies from using swagBucks, tell us what your best score was.