TLC Extreme Couponing Coupon Fraud


If you watched this seasons first episode of TLC Extreme Couponing you may have seen the women  who got about $1000.00 of groceries for about $100.00. She was the women who applied makeup every five seconds.  I actually wasn’t impressed with her shopping but I was surprised to hear the rumors that she did it by committing coupon fraud.

In America everyone is innocent until proven guilty but the evidence doesn’t appear to be in her favor.  Rumor has it ( as well as videos and pictures)  that she used coupons that were not for the right products.  She is being accused all over the internet for reading the codes of the coupons and knowingly applying coupons to incorrect products. Rumor also has it that she  knowingly explained how to commit coupon fraud  in a You Tube video a year ago.

This is why we always remove any posts that even hint of coupon fraud or the misuse of coupons. Knowingly using a coupon for the wrong product is fraud and How to Shop fro Free is completely against coupon fraud. Sometimes you will hear, “But it worked, so what is the big deal.”  Coupon fraud is the big deal and if you read the stories about Jamie and the accusations against her and the time she may face behind bars, ask yourself is it really worth it?

You can get tons of free stuff legally without having to stoop to those levels.   You can get better deals than she did with real coupons that are intended for the right products. So, if you see a post being removed on this site, know we are looking out for you and the well being of all HTSFF members. We want to be sure that the members of this site know right from wrong as far as coupon fraud is concerned and never want to see any of you get into the trouble that TLC Extreme Couponer Jamie is facing.

I hope they let her have her lipstick in jail but they probably won’t. I’m guessing it will be admitted as evidence!

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