Coupons are so popular that they are now even the hot topic at all….prisons?!?!


When I discuss the underground world of coupon fraud  at my classes I usually get a few chuckles and some looks of disbelief.

Unfortunately coupon fraud  happens more than anyone wants to realize.  Apparently couponing is now the hot topic in jail cells! I knew couponing was popular but I have to even  chuckle a little myself to hear that coupons have caught on in jail cells as the hot thing to do. But unfortunately the criminals are into coupons in a naughty way.

Watch this video HERE to see what I mean.

Remember this video next time you are at Walmart and the cashier is scrutinizing your coupons. Stores should be looing a little closer at coupons especially printable ones.

Remember if it’s a printable coupon and the high value seems to good to be true, it probably is a fake. Don’t be part of the underground. If you are be sure and print a few get out of jail free coupons, you’re going need them!

Thanks for the news link HTSFF  member bigmanvt