$35.92 Moneymaker On Energizer Max Batteries











$35.92 Moneymaker On Energizer Max Batteries

Energizer Max batteries for 5.97 each buy 2 get $10 Walmart e-card limit of 4.

Make sure they have the get $10 ecard in each pack.  For every 2 you buy you will bet a $10 Walmart ecard. Here’s the break down.

Buy 8 Energizer Batteries $5.97 each $47.76

Use 8 CLICK HERE $1.50 Off Energizer Max Batteries Use zip code 90210 if needed

Pay $35.76

Get 4 $10 E-Cards $4.24 money maker

But it gets better

Sign up for Savingings catcher CLICK HERE

I can’t guarantee  this but I bought them twice and got back $7.92.  I put it into a Bluebird account and doubled it to $15.84 My Walmart compares prices to Market Basket below was when I bought 4 so I went back and bought 4 more to max out the rebate and got the same amount back in savingscatcher.


Qty: 4.00
$23.88 ($5.97 ea)
$15.96 ($3.99 ea)
Market Basket
$7.92 which I doubled by putting it onto the Bluebird card to $15.84
Savingscatcher made it a $31.68 money maker plus the moneymaker from using the coupons made it a total of $35.92 moneymaker