How to Shop for Free: The Book



You’ve heard of scoring amazing deals, online discounts, outlet shopping—but has anyone showed you how to shop for free?  Now, this smart, sassy, step-by-step savings guide that teaches you how to do just that by revealing:

• Kathy’s killer two-for-one shopping strategy
• What stores have the best savings—and how to cash in
• Month-by-month steals and off-season shopping secrets
• How to amass so much free stuff you have to give it away!

You’ll learn how to find the best savings and combine them with store promotions, coupons, rewards programs, and store credit to get almost anything for free—from organic produce to makeup, baby formula to brand-name clothing. With an eye toward cutting your monthly spending on the basics, Spencer guides you through many popular stores—including CVS, Kohl’s, Office Max, Pet Smart, Target, and Home Depot—and explains how to maximize your savings. Follow Spencer’s plan and before you know it, you’ll be shopping for free.

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