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How to Shop for Free®  at Walmart

Here is a list of everything that works out free plus overage at Walmart

Be sure and take a copy of Walmart’s Coupon Policy with you

We now have a printable list feature for your convenience. You will see you can check off items you would like to add to your shopping list.If you look to the bottom right of the page you will see “My List” . Anything you check off will populate onto that list and you can add in your own shopping list details as well, then print and go. Let me know what you think!




  1. Kathy Spencer says

    Thanks!! It’s still brand new to me so it will take a bit to get it all perfected. I am hopinfg to do teh Stop & Shop ad this was tomorrow. wish me luck!! : )

  2. Kathy Spencer says

    You can also combine store deals onto one printable list . I just tried adding what I was getting at walmart for free then added from the office max list and they all go on the same list : ) I like that part!

  3. lindznh says

    Walmart in my town got new scanners they will not allow more than one like online coupon on the same product. They accused me of fraud and coping coupons when they can from two different sites. For some reason not sure if this is normal they had the same barcode numbers. Two managers go involved.

  4. Kathy Spencer says

    The barcode would be the same on each coupon, They shopuld be looking at the tracking numbers and that is how it determines if coupons have been copied.

  5. Meeko says

    i just printed a shopping list. First when using IE i kept getting and error (script on page ) and it wouldn’t print. I then opened google chrome and was able to print using that.

    Second, just a personal note I love being able to print the list, with the exception that the header with the HTSFF logo takes alot of ink (even changing it to black & white).

  6. Kathy Spencer says

    Thanks for the feedback I didn’t think about the logo being an ink sucker. I’ll check and see if its possible to replace it.

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