$4.00 for a whole Cooks Spiral Ham

Cooks ham htsff

Have you been thinking about paying it forward and helping out some families over the holidays?

Here is a great way to do it.

There are coupons on EBay for a Free Cooks Ham up to $20.00. The coupons are being sold as a “buy it now”  in lots of 12 for $48.00.

That makes each ham $4.00!  Now although that’s not free but it’s good enough for me!

You probably aren’t going to want 12 hams for yourself , right? Donate what you don’t need to a family that you know is struggling this holiday season , a local food bank, homeless shelter etc..

Pay it forward and what goes around comes around.

Happy Holidays

Click Here to view  the listing on Ebay  


  1. janeytom says

    Thank you, Kathy! I was able to get them, and they will be given to the children’s home I support. Such a deal- thank you again for finding this!

  2. lookingforadeal says

    I believe the coupons being sold on ebay are for fake coupons-probably reproduced in some way. I have one that I obtained from Cook’s directly and it says on it that the coupon is “Void if sold, copied, transferred, altered, prohibited or restricted.” Which means that if the person selling them got the coupons legitamately, then they are voiding the coupon by selling it to someone else. I seriously doubt that Cook’s distribute coupons for reselling, nor in that volume. I don’t appreciate you spreading the word about a possible scam. How would it look if I ‘donate’ fake coupons? Won’t help my reputation much…..not a good holiday idea!

    @janeytom – How do you know that the coupons you ‘donated’ are real and good coupons? What happens if the children’s home goes to the grocery store with them and they are rejected?

  3. freebabyfree says

    The Buy It Now offers are gone, but there are still auctions for various quantities and prices.

  4. Kathy Spencer says

    They are not fakes. I have some and have used them. I have checked them on the CIC and they were not reported as fraudulant. They are actual coupons from the mfr with a watermark on them to proove they are original.
    There are lots of coupons on ebay the way around the “transfer” is paying for the time to locate collect and package the coupon not the actual coupon itself.
    Secondly, I go and get the ham and donate the ham not make the charity do the work.
    Lastly I would never post anything I believe to be illegal or unethical this is a up and up website with a pay it forward motto.

  5. lookingforadeal says

    I disagree, Kathy. The fact that they are selling a coupon that explicitly says on it ‘Void if sold…’ means those selling these coupons are violating a company policy. They are selling coupons that are not supposed to be sold. To me, that is unethical, not too mention dishonest. And you are supporting it.

    As to your explanation of ‘transfer’, I don’t care what the general public thinks it means…I care what the company thinks it means. I’m sure they mean that it isn’t to be given (or transerred) to anyone else.

  6. Kathy Spencer says

    Then we can agree to disagree.
    Trading, RAOK’s, and just giving them away would not be allowed under “transfer” so that would mean I could not give my neighbor my extra qs.
    Companys put out coupons in hopes the consumer will try the product and become a loyal customer. I agree that it isn’t their hopes that the coupon will be on selling sites but if it gets them more customers then the promotion worked.

    Many companys hire marketing firms to distribute the coupons to blogs across the nation. I have received many try me free coupons from marketing firms that were hired by the mfr that I have been asked to raffle off on my website , give away, or keep.
    I have had many promos on this site with try me free coupons and technically would fall into the ‘void if’ category.
    I agree that they would not want to see the coupons sold and the seller may not have the best ethics if that is the case,
    But in the long run the ham coupons can feed many hungry family’s and that is my mission and I truly do not see anything wrong with getting coupons from Ebay or trading sites.

  7. cardinal says

    The coupons aren’t fake. I bought them and told Kathy about them over a month ago. I have used several of them and paired them with a nbpr rebate to recover my money for purchasing the coupons plus making money on them. YOu can find the rebates that pretty much give you the full purchase price of the ham back. I have donated the hams to several needy families I didn’t give them the coupon to use I used the ham as part of the dinner I supplied to them for Thanksgiving.

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