10:50am January 14th, 2012 | Kathy Spencer ©2012 | 3 Comments

Save $2.00 when you by 2 Coca Cola Products and 2 Nabisco Products

Print FAST it will not last!

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3 Responses to “$4.00 Nabisco & Coke Coupon *HOT*”

  1. cardinal says:

    What zip did you use? Is it a $2 of $4 coupon?

  2. MommaB says:

    its a publix store coupon, it doesnt have a barcode.

  3. cardinal says:

    thanks I couldn’t figure out if it was a $4 or $2 coupon the heading on the post says $4 but underneath the photo it says $2 but I guess it doesn’t matter anyway since it is a Publix coupon

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