Case and keyboard for 8″ Tablet Great For Kohl’s Black Friday Deal $11.79

PU Leather Carrying Case For 8 inch Tablet Stand w/ USB Keyboard + Stylus Pen

8″ Tablet  Case


 Leather Carrying Case For 8 inch Tablet Stand w/ USB Keyboard + Stylus Pen

$11.79 Free Shipping

Product Features

  • Multifunction Design: USB keyboard, tablet PC case and bracket
  • Connects with USB. Plug and play
  • Durable PU leather construction protects your tablet PC very well
  • Real laptop style keys
  • With display stand for easy viewing


  1. juliebino says

    Thanks Kathy – great deal! Thought I had found the best deal when I bought the IPad case/stand at Best Buy on Black Friday for $7.99, but not even sure it will be a great fit. The saleslady told me that an 8″ tablet is kind of an odd size and that they didn’t carry any cases for that exact size. I wouldn’t mind if it was a little oversized of course, but was looking for one that would serve as a stand also and that really needs to be more fit-to-size so this one fits the bill, as it says it is a stand also. Bonus that it also has a keyboard AND stylus!! The free shipping was the cherry on top! Just beware to anyone who orders this – just ordered it and it says estimated delivery Dec 21- Jan 10, so not a guarantee that it will be here in time for Christmas, but I was willing to live with that! :)

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