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 FREE $3.00 at staples 6/5-6/11

Save $3.00 on any purchase at Staples!!

Click Here (Staples.com), then click on special offer on the left side of the page.

Thanks MommaBryant for this deal!

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17 Responses to “FREE $3.00 on anything at Staples”

  1. VeniVidiVisa says:

    Is it limited to one per Staples Reward card?

  2. MommaB says:

    Coupon does not have any limits stated.

  3. couponqueenren says:

    The stores have a posted sign at the registers stating that due to overwhelming response it is one coupon per customer per day. So I brought all the kids with me and let each one pick out something they needed :)

  4. MommyShops says:

    I can’t find the link to the coupon…can someone describe a little more?

  5. Reb in MA says:

    The link that I used and it printed without all the black in the background (saving $ on ink! :)) was the following:

  6. VeniVidiVisa says:

    I just got back from Staples. I had printed out 2 coupons and gave one to my mother. We are both on her Staples card. We were able to both use the Q checking out separately. There was a sign on the Service Desk that did state “Due to high usage, Staples will only be able to honor one $3 off Q per customer per day.”

    I’m going back tomorrow!

  7. VeniVidiVisa says:


    The link to the Q is actually the red box that says “A Special Offer for You and All of Your Friends. Shop. Save. And Share.” I didn’t see the link initially, either.

  8. cban3489 says:

    yea thats why you go early in the morning when they open and once during the night when they close. they dont take down your name an identity when you use it just make sure the same employees are not there.

  9. vmcneil says:

    I hear Bounty 6 pack of paper towels are on sale for 4.99 so it works out to be .33 a roll!!!Wooo

  10. Tango says:

    Does Staples take manufacturer qs? Could you stack their q with a bounty q?

  11. juliebino says:

    I believe so, but not sure – worth a try though!

  12. krizzie7 says:

    I tried to use the scotch tape coupons and the $3 coupon and had to do the transaction separately… But the Staples 500ct copy paper is 5.99 with a $3 rebate! so use the $3/$3 coupon, pay $2.99 and submit online for a $3 rebate! = free paper :)

  13. mmmichl says:

    Could not locate the “red box” or any indication of this offer. I’m in the NYC area. Does that matter?

  14. Cindy12 says:

    I cannot find the link for the coupon either. there is no red box just fathers day deals

  15. krizzie7 says:

    Just hover over the Staples logo in the top right of the flyer on the first page… A pop-up will show where you can click on it and view it that way. I was also able to find it by just google searching “Staples $3 off coupon” and found a link to staples.com where the print page was showing.

  16. mmmichl says:

    Thanks krizzie7. Both methods work fine. I just wish I’d checked back earlier. Still, I’ll try to use the coupon tomorrow. It was also printed on savingwithshellie.com, a site I’ve only just found.

  17. VeniVidiVisa says:

    I did the Scotch tape thing but added a clear plastic check holder for $1.00 (a good place to put the Qs that I need for the week). I paid 50 cents and had no trouble what so ever!

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