FREE Grated Cheese at Shaw’s


The small bottle of Everyday Essential Grated Cheese is $1.00 at Shaw’s and will be FREE with the $1.00 off coupon from the Game Booklet


Has anyone won anything in the game yet?  I won a donut and my mother in law won $2.00. Not much to brag about but  hey, it’s free!


  1. j1ocean says

    We won, we won!!!! $10,000 family vacation getaway. There are 8 of them and we got one of them. Woo Hoo…. after taxes we get a check for $7,500.00..

    We plan to escape the Cape soon!

    John & Pauline

  2. swthrt says

    I won a $20 shaws gc the 2nd wk into the game and 3 $2 off $2 purchase and a bunch of free donuts or bagels!! The last game i didn’t win anything on the game board but some free stuff. This game seems much better!

  3. VeniVidiVisa says

    I agree that this game is much better…I won a bagel but am only one game piece away from several items. I got NOTHING the last game not even the $2!

  4. Peachesncream887 says

    So far I have won only a FREE bagel/donut. I have a lot of Online Sweeps Entries though. I have to say for the last game I got more Free game tickets than I have this time around.

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