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RICE DREAM Chocolate Frozen Pies

Free Rice Dream Ice Cream  Pie Singles at Whole Food Markets

They are on sale for $1.00 and there is a $1.00 coupon HERE


To see all the other whole food Market Deals for the week of 8/29/12 –9/4/12 Click Here

Thanks Lolly and Tofuforbrains

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One Response to “FREE Rice Dream Ice Cream Pies at Whole foods Market”

  1. TofuForBrains says:

    The linky appears to be broken, so here is the correct link for this week’s forum:
    Note that we aren’t sure yet if the pies are still on sale, but you can still get them for free WYB 2 if you pair with the WFM coupon :-)
    Also a good week to use your Avocados From Mexico coupon — make sure your store has Mexican avocados in order to use the coupon!

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