FREE Rose Art Glue Stocks plus Money Maker

This Sunday 7/29 Red Plum has a coupon to Save $1.00 on ANY 3 Rose Art products

Rose Art Glue stocks are $0.25 at Walmart Making them FREE with the coupon PLUs a $0.25 overage!!

Stock Up for a rainy day, put some away for stocking stuffers, Easter Basket filler, or donate them to a school .

If you didn’t get the coupons it will be worth purchasing them thru Ebay or a clipper service as the overage will pay for the cost of the coupon

Go thru Ebates to earn cash back too!


  1. Babybilly says

    The walmart I went to doesnt have any roseart products…they do have crazy art….but is that the same thing?

  2. Meeko says

    Just returned from Walmart, it appears that the one I was at does NOT carry “RoseArt” brand items. I couldn’t find ANY item of that brand or a shelf tag …

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