1. MeMo says

    Actually, at my Walgreens (in Southern CA) Scope is advertized at 2 for $6. Also, the P&G coupon is for $0.75 not $1, so not quite as great a deal, but still good @ $0.75ea final price.

  2. Kathy Spencer says

    It will also be bogo so 4.50 – your 2 .75 qs = 3.00 get back 3.00 in RR';s it will be free for you not .75 each

  3. cardinal says

    I don’t have the wags ad but someone posted in the forums that the coupon is for the larger size bottles so it won’t work. I don’t know if that is correct though so just a heads up incase it is right.

  4. MeMo says

    Is the BOGO in ad? I don’t see it in mine nor do I see it when viewing the product on I’m heading down there later today, so I’ll find out.

  5. mellom1 says

    At my Salem, MA store, the bogo was not working… It came up as $3.00 each. Do you know if I use the $3.00RR from the crest toothpaste to buy the Scope, will it work? I’m not sure because I believe that they are all P&G. thanks.

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