FREE Snapple 6 packs with rebate



Get a FREE 6 pack of Snapple with mail in rebate

Snapple is $4.99 at Market Basket

I found the tearpad display at the Salem NH MB but all the tearpads were gone.

Thank goodness Cardinal is hooking me up with one as this is the year I plan to no longer be a rebate slacker.

Have you seen any great rebates lately?


  1. couponcarol says

    Now the stores wont have any rebate forms left just like seabrook area never has any wintags left after you found out how they work, I use to be able make good money stayin home trading the winetags but had to give that up a few years back. One the stores put them & rebate forms out now they will be wiped out.

  2. couponcarol says

    Kathy I have seen you a few times over the past 3- 5 years in the Seabrook area & yes I use to go winetagging 3 times per week and ALWAYS got NWP tags & NBP tags in the seacoast area. I have seen how many you have taken & even in your book you said if you see NWP or NBP take them all so dont tell me you have not gone out just to go winetagging at several stores & wipe them all out of tags. No you know first hand why I have so much anger toward you & that is the reason you stepped on my toes with taking the tags then writing in your book about the tags now there are none & yes I am bitter about it.

  3. Kathy Spencer says

    I am glad you finally came out of the coupon closet and stated why. So was the entire “Shaw’s employee” thing a lie?
    I assume you stated that your Shaw’s called the police on people that took wintags in order to scare them away from what you wanted for yourself.
    I sympathize with you that “trading” winetags was an income source for you and now that the source is hard to find you may have lost some income you needed.
    I am sorry if I hurt you by stepping on your toes. You may want to get some steel toe shoes because I will always continue to tell people how to save money

    And my book does not state take them all…I believe those were your words.
    In my book I state ..”What you shouldn’t do (DCH alert) is swipe all the tags in the vicinity”

  4. couponcarol says

    I still work at Shaws I had to return to work after having a baby. I told my store about the abuse of winetags etc since we employees are not allowed to take them and management agreed that you need to buy the wine to get them. Shaws was not one of the stores I got my winetags at when I lived in the Seabrook area a few years back it was a gold mine not any more knor has it been since you let the golden secret out of the bag in your book. I sell my stockpile thats I get a flea markets. I only work to pay for private day care for my child so she can social with other children.

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