FREE Yo Crunch plus MM Cat at Shaws..

Yo Crunch Greek Yogurt is on sale Buy One Get One FREE The price is $1.39

Buy 8 and get a $2.00 OYNO cat


Here’s how to work it

Grab  8 cups

4 @ $1.39 =5.56

Get 4 FREE= 0 Total = $5.56

use 4 $1.00 of $1.00 off 2 coupons from SS 2/5 $5.56 – $4.00 = $1.56

Get back a $2.00 OYNO = FREE plus a Money Maker

But ..Be warned very warned. That cat is wacky and the OYNO prints stating it’s  a $1.00 cat but it scans taking $2.00 off. This makes things very hard to explain to the cashier. Its probably best redeeming it at SCO.

Here is the second warning. We did this deal twice the second time Cardinal got a $1.00 wacky cat and I got a $0.50 cat?? No one can explain how what the cat is up to so just be warned the cat has gotten into cat nip!

It should be a freebie but it will be a tough one to roll!


  1. cardinal says

    I just did it twice and it is still working. bought 8 in each transaction and got $1 cat it scanned for $1. When I bought 10 I got a $1 cat but it scanned for $2.

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