11:05am September 3rd, 2012 | Kathy Spencer ©2012 | 3 Comments


If you need ink you better hurry over to Rite Aid and get it while you can!

Rite Aid has a ton of ink on clearance for 75% Off!!!

Selection and prices may vary by store

Thanks for another great HOT  tip HTSFF Rite Aid Mod Marie!!

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3 Responses to “Got Ink? Rite Aid does and it’s 75% off!!”

  1. amyc94 says:

    Unfortunately I checked one of my stores and it was only 25% off… What area is the 75%???

  2. disbeth says:

    FYI I checked Saugus and their ink is only 25% off and not on clearance.

  3. Kathy Spencer says:

    I believe Marie said it was Sommersworth NH

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