How I get Heating Oil for Free

I have received a few emails today asking how I get FREE heating Oil so here is my old post. Enjoy!

I still can’t believe how much FREE home heating oil I have gotten this past year from Neighbor Oil . I have not only heated my home for free but have been able to heat two of the mods homes and have been able to gift to a random stranger. The last time I got a fill up I had 50 gallons that did not fit into my tank because it was already too full of free oil from the last delivery. I asked the driver to donate it to the next senior citizen or person on his route that he felt was in financial need. I can’t tell you what an amazing feeling that was to know I am helping a total stranger that needs help with the gift of free heating oil! That isn’t something I usually donate. Toothpaste yes but heating oil , well that’s a new one for me. I hope to be able to do this a lot more this year. When I first heard ofNeighbor Oil I was skeptical but I have tested it inside out and backwards and can say this is the best thing ever!! Thank you Neighbor Oil for an amazing program that has helped so many people. I am so happy to have found this program!

Click Here to start earning your own free oil

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  1. LPCcoup says

    Kathy- noticed that the Neighbor Oil links you posted are referral links (I’m assuming for your account). Wondering how many points you get for referring new customers.

  2. Kathy Spencer says

    I posted that in one opf my posts. I got free oil for myself and two mods as well as a se nior in my neighborhood.
    You get points for everyone that you refer wether they end up buying or not. If you post it on your Facebook page and multiply that by the number of Facebook friends you have you should get free oil for yourself as well. You also will be providing a free price comparision for everyone at the same time. Its an amazing program!

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